A passion for diamonds
that passes on through generations

The beginning

The history of Alwahch begins in Syria in the early twentieth century, when the family decided to open their first shop at the Souq al Sagha, one of the most important jewelry markets of the East. At that time, the jewelry industry was a specialty among Christians. The Alwahch family was part of this group and decided, from this moment on, to turn the passion for diamonds into a business.

Alwahch soon gained recognition for offering handcrafted jewelry, studded with precious stones, always with great attention to their finishing, and started to create exclusive pieces for kings and queens of the East.

The arrival in Brazil

The initial success led the family to expand the business into new markets, settling in Antwerp and New York.

In the 80s, the search for the Brazilian yellow diamonds was the starting point for the beginning of activities in the country.

The Alwahch atelier in SP

In Brazil, Alwahch is led by the third generation of the family. Already in their childhood, the sisters were taught to identify the quality and purity of gems. With this experience and the teachings of their father, they learned that each stone is unique, with its own glow and life.


Alwahch believes that art is an inspiring part of life. In addition to presenting a unique look on different topics, art is one of the sources of inspiration for creating the brand's jewelry. Therefore, Alwahch supports several art forms such as photography and music, promoting exhibitions and presentations at their atelier.

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